Wendy Funk Autumn

Wendy Funk Autumn

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The Wendy provides everywhere comfort, but with a style ideal for women who enjoy life’s ever-changing journey. The relaxed look and feel allows you to explore your passions and experience new places with the confidence your feet will fit in to any occasion. Designed to be your favorite shoe for all occasions, Wendy embodies the HEYDUDE lifestyle by combining your passion for comfort, quality, and fashion. This unique combination allows you to attack each day as a new adventure with the confidence your feet won’t be the reason to slow down. Constructed with leading-edge technology, like the Flex & Fold system, Wendy easily is one of the most comfortable and versatile shoes on the market.


Wide comfortable fit

Flex & Fold Technology

Ultra-Light outsole

Slip-on Anatomical Memory foam insole

Machine washable (cold)

4.2 oz. weight per shoe