Cast Iron Skookie

Cast Iron Skookie

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The Camp Chef Cast Iron Baking Pan with dessert mix creates a delicious treat that is also easy and fun to make. Kids will love to prepare their own Skookie dessert with their favorite brownie mix. The package includes two round Camp Chef cast iron baking pans. Made with the highest quality cast iron on the market, this seasoned skillet can be used in the oven, on the stove top, on the grill and even over a campfire. The cast iron pan is seasoned with natural oils that are already baked into the iron to create a smooth black finish called a "Patina." The Skookie seasoned pan comes with one package of cookie mix. Each pan includes a hot handle pad to safely remove the iron skillet from the heat. The Camp Chef Cast Iron Baking Pan is a fun way to make desserts, numerous entrees, lunches, breakfasts and more. Quality design and pre-seasoning make the Skookie pan a durable and easy choice in iron skillet cookware.


Two 7" diameter mini skillets

True Seasoned Finished cast iron

Two grip-handle hot pads included

Package of delicious gourmet cookie mix included